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For seaman

The company «Key West Marine» provides the following services for seamen:

1.Pre-employment testing including SETS, CES and Marlins-on-line test for English usage.

2. Consulting on the compatibility of specific qualifications to modern maritime conventions.

3. Consulting on financial issues, including tax issues.

4. Adding to our extensive database and regular information on our new vacancies.

5. Organization of interviews with shipowner representatives.

6. Providing the full package of travel documents to the sailor, including all the necessary visas, the logistic path to the ship from the door of our office.

7. Application for flag state documents.

8. Uniform supply.

9. Carrying a variety of courses and training programs for seafarers, which may be required by either shipowners or STCW.

   The career with us starts with filling out the application form on our website. Even if you always have the best job offer, you can fill in our application form and get an additional opportunity to receive information about our vacancies.

    Those sailors who has more than one contact behind, who has fluent English, will receive our best offers in the first place.