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Dear Customers,

High standards with which you operate your Company can be maintained by qualified and properly trained crew. Nobody has any doubt in that. Unfortunately, you see statistic shows that ship performance is decliningwiht every new year. Although crewing department has done the best and crew on board has vast experience and is trained well, Vetting and Port State Control statistic is going down.

You have updated Company policy with new set of strict procedures you want your crew to follow. You have given detailed instructions on almost every occasion what and how to do. Anyway some cases have revealed ignorance of your policies. Why?    

Personality at sea is the brick in the strong foundation. Every crew member of any nationality has completed approved education program and provided confirming documents. What will make the difference then?

People who care are the valuable asset. You don’t need to push such people and send reminder after reminder. Principe of “constant care” will work from the bottom of organization to the top. They will tell you if question cannot be solved and needs attention of higher management.

Rough seas and rough economy situation need new approach in crew selection. We can insure our Customers in personal approach and very specific training of every crew member in respect of his/her rank and employment on any kind of the vessel. 

The detailed action plan can be set up after close familiarization with Owner’s requirements and Company’s Quality system. The cooperation form can be made for the Customer's convenience. We can start up your own representative office or act as crewing agent on your behalf.

   The company «Key West Marine» has successfully established itself as one of the most successful maritime crewing agencies in Ukraine. We attract the most qualified seamen. Many of them work with us on a regular basis for many years.

   Ukrainian sailors are widely recognized throughout the world as skilled and disciplined professionals. Maritime educational institutions of Ukraine — the legacy of our glorious past, when sailors were trained to fulfil the requests of a wartime. Among graduates of our naval academies there are some real heroes of war, glorious captains of nowadays, whose professional actions saved the ship, the cargo and dozens of lives. In Ukraine, as elsewhere in the former Soviet Union, the sailor careers means the highest moral principles. In many Ukrainian families the sailing profession is a family tradition. Therefore, the mistake at sea means alienation and social exclusion. This is the main difference between the Ukrainian sailors and other sailors on the world market today. Therefore, hiring a Ukrainian crew, you are guaranteed to get highly qualified professionals with high moral character.

   The company «Key West Marine» has created an extensive database of seafarers, numbering more than 15,000 professionals. Each of them is carefully tested by us on the knowledge of the English language, on the compliance of his office, on medical reasons, on alcohol and drug use. Our company has an active anti-alcohol and anti-drug policy.

   In addition, we check the legitimacy of every sailor's documents. At the request of the shipowner, we are ready to conduct additional testing of seamen.

   Providing shipowner with the candidate to replace the crew, we organize his travel to the ship and provide him all set of travel documents and visas. We are interested in minimizing shipowner's costs.  

    If you are interested in working with us, please email us and we will contact you immediately.